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As we speak I am putting together a computer, i've got a AMD Phenom II X4 965 and on the bottom of the headsink it has a pre applied thermal material. Should I add some arctic silver 5 to the top of the cpu or will the pre applied thermal material be fine?

thanks in advance.
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    Unless you are going to overclock the factory supplied thermal compound will work just fine. If overclocking, you will probably want an aftermarket cooler anyway. Save the AS5 for that.
  2. +1 to clarkjd, although the pre-applied stuff isn't the best it's OK to use if you're not overclocking etc. although you'll likely see lower temps using after-market thermal paste. Your choice, but I'd probably stick with the pre-applied stuff if not overclocking.
  3. take off the factory goop , i just put together an AMD 1100t , put it together with OCZ freeze extreme , temps are 26-29 idle ,36-42 full bore , this with the stock cooler . With factory goop would run 10c hotter at least . This is with a room temp of 22c

    Used to use AS5 but have gotten better results with OCZ freeze , also cheaper and easier to apply and take off . My laptop runs 15c cooler with OCZ over factory stuff , 5c cooler than AS5 , X-9000 cpu in the laptop
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