Ati Radeon 5870 Driver issues

My OS will only Boot on driver version 10.1 and below. If booted with the most current drivers windows gets to the loading screen then blacks out not entering the desktop. I was wondering if anybody could help me update to the newest drivers.
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  1. What OS, what Service Pack? Make sure your OS is up to date first.
  2. Os is up to date and is windows 7
  3. I would download Driver Sweeper, uninstall your current drivers, boot into safe mode and run Driver Sweeper (just read the how to use on this page).

    I would give that a try and then install the latest or whatever drivers you want. I am currently still hanging out on 10.4 because the others give me weird issues in Bad Company 2. Stupid ATI drivers. I've heard many people not going past 10.5 for those reasons.
  4. Ill try that i should also mention the card is OEM which is probably the source of my problems.
  5. i would not think that would matter, it is still a 5870 gpu.
  6. Does it look like the computer is still running, just with no display. The driver clean should fix it. I have seen some very rare cases where the video output get directed to another output that is not connected(it was almost always TV-out, but since you do not have that, try the other dvi port after the screen blank out if driver sweeper does not help). My old 8800GTX does not give any video after sleeping if the screen was turned off. A quick disconnect and reconnect of the dvi cable fixes it.
  7. i got kind of insane and tried to flash the card. does anyone know what Bios are compatible with the OEM card?
  8. found the old bios will try driver cleanser
  9. I am almost sure it will work with the same bios. There is a bit in there that will say "built by ati" as opposed to "powered by ati", but that should not make a difference. I do NOT recommend flashing the card.

    however, I have a xfx 5870 with what would be a reference design(should be just like the OEM) and bios if for some reason you do need it.
  10. driver cleanser didnt do the trick and dont worry about the bios i made a backup of the original ones.
  11. did some reading apears to be that the OEM model has a different memory controller than the retail cards looks like im stuck with 10.1 :(.....
  12. have you tried to contact ATI. Maybe they will have a solution for you?
  13. already returned the card and switching it for a new one thanks for your support though
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