HD 5145 Mobility Drivers (32 bit)

Is it just me or are these drivers almost impossible to get hold of, the series is advertised on amd's site but the drivers aren't there. Im wiping a friends sony vaio for him putting 32 bit os on instead of 64.

they arent on sony's site either from what i can see. help will be massively appreciated!

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  1. Sony Vaio's are not supported by the AMD driver release so you will need to get the drivers from the Sony site, and they likely ship all of their modern machines with 64 bit so they may not have a 32 bit driver in which case you will need to deal with the basic windows driver.

    Why are you changing the OS to 32 bit from 64 bit? It doesnt make sense to me and for an OEM machine can cause lots of headaches.
  2. because 64 bit support for 90% of programs is awful, that sucks really, forcing their users to use this crap
  3. ummm what are you talking about? 64 bit OS's run 32 bit applications in 32 bit mode so you take a very very small performance hit, the only reason to switch to a 32 bit OS from a 64 bit OS is if you have an ancient device that you cannot live without that only has 32 bit drivers.

    What programs are giving trouble on the 64 bit OS?
  4. cakewalk sonar, fruity loops, and a guitar port used for recording via usb
  5. last time i tried 64 bit i had nothing but problems and so i stayed away, i wasn't aware that you could run most/all programs in a 32 bit compatibility mode, and from what i can see guitar port is also compatible now. hmmm... is it worth the switch?
  6. 64 bit windows 7 hasnt given me any trouble, if your previous experience was with 64 bit XP then things have changed quite a bit, if your programs dont say they have issues then i would go with 64 bit since thats what the laptop came with so you are less likely to run into drive issues if you stick with 64 bit.
  7. thanks for your help bud.

    appreciate it
  8. just an fyi, the windows 7 drivers actually give the same performance as the vaio ones
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