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I would like to build a computer for my son who enjoys playing WOW. The computer would only be used for WOW (Cataclysm). I have tried researching what I need, but it is very over whelming for me. I have a budget of $700. Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. Hey Mike--

    No offense intended by this, but if you don't even know where to start or have any suggestions you shouldn't be looking at building a computer--you should be buying a prebuilt. has some decent gaming PCs in this price range.

    Building a computer is something best for a person with the time and patience to make it work, and if you havent been able to research these things you probably dont want to undertake this.

    If you do have time to learn, this is a good to start with.,2659.html
  2. Here is a very decent DIY Video blog done up by one of our forum members ^^
    I Built My Own Computer And Saved Hundreds Of Dollars
    Also state exactly what u need with that budget with a standard template such as
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