HP Pavilion p6130y ( need processor upgrade )


I currently have the HP Pavilion P6130y desktop with the AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9750 with 16gb memory and 750GB hard drive with the Radeon 9750 graphics card.

Here's the processor upgrade info from the HP website:

MotherBoard: M2N78-LA (VIOLET) >>> :pfff: Keep in mind (this is Violet only) :bounce: ( higher models come in Violet 1, Violet 2 etc)

MotherBoard: M2N78-LA (VIOLET)

Socket type: AM3


Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:

•AMD Athlon X2 (Bt)

•AMD Athlon 64 X2 up to 6000+ (W)

•AMD Phenom Triple-Core up to 8xxx (AM2+) (Toliman)

•AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9xxx series (AM2+) up to 9850 (Agena)

I am thinking of upgrading the processor to a 9850 (Agena ) as per the specifications.

I went off to the local store and purchased this part number: HD985ZXAJ4BGH

AMD Phenom X4 9850 (125W) (OEM) Quad Core Socket AM2+ , 2.5GHz, 4Mb Cache, 1800MHz HT, 65nm (HD985ZXAJ4BGH). sold at canada computers

I upgrade the BIOS from the HP website to the latest version.

I fitted in the processor and started the machine only to find this message being displayed: " Your CPU is not supported " :non:

I am looking at another model with a different part number:HD9850XAJ4BGH

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Quad Core Processor HD9850XAJ4BGH - 2.50GHz, 4MB Cache, 2000MHz (4000 MT/s) FSB, Agena, Quad-Core, OEM, Socket AM2+, Processor. sold at tiger direct

Will this model work in my machine? The store has refused to take back any returns, so I am reluctant to buy it.

Any help is much appreciated.

If the above model will not work, is there any other processor out there higher than the 9750 that will work on this motherboard M2N78-LA (Violet)??

Thank You !!!! in advance for any advice
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  1. Maybe. Most oem boards only work with 95w phenoms; your current cpu is plenty fast. If you're not happy, I would sell it. The cpu you're looking at isn't much of an upgrade for the money spent. I started building my own systems twenty years ago. I suggest you do the same.
  2. I too am facing the same problem. Let me know if you do find a CPU that is compatible.
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