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I currently have a WD cavier blue 500g, SATA, 16Mb, Hard drive that is clearly not going to be big enough space with the ridcliuos amount of games I want to down load......DAM YOU STEAM!

So I purchased a WD cavier green 1.5TB, SATA, 64MB, 7200rpm. What I would like is some advice.

I plan to:

1) Install the 1.5TB as a slave drive and install windows.

2)Once I'm confidant that the drive is running well,can I swap the 1.5tb drive with the 500G drive?

3) Transfer, delete or duplicate files from the 500G to the 1.5TB

Is just that easy or is there more to it that i'm not seeing?

I figure I could use the 500g as slave drive for music and backup for important files.

I don't intend on doing any type of RAID. Unless there is some benefit I'm not seeing. I just assumed since they are so far off in size that it just would not make any sense.

I hope this is a easy way of going about it. I figure since the 1.5 is so much faster that I would really benefit from the transfer speed. If the speed of the drive isn't as important as I think it is Please, let me know. I could always just leave the 1.5TB as slave drive and transfer all my game over to that one.

I'm sure question like this pop up all over the place.. So if I could get some advice or be pointed in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

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  1. your better off using a drive clone program that will take the data off the smaller drive and install it onto the larger drive and keep the larger drive as one partion. if the clone was good you can then format the old 500g drive and use it as a storage drive.
    the other thing you can do is uninstall your games from the c drive and then reinstall them on drive d. then move any of your music and movies to d. all you have to do is do a custom install and point the installer to the d drive.
  2. Could you suggest some clone programs? I would like to research that a bit before I start asking a bunch of NOOB questions.
  3. The best program is the Acronis that you can download from Western Digital:

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