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I posted this question in the proper forum but it seems to be a ghost town in there so I guess I'll repost it here.
I'm finally upgrading my ancient monitor and have $200 to spend. Spotted this deal;
It comes with a 3 year replacement warranty described thusly;
"Your Dell monitor includes all the benefits of Dell's 24x7 toll-free technical phone support and Advanced Exchange Service. If your issue can't be resolved after phone-based troubleshooting, Dell will ship you a replacement part or unit the next business day. Unpack your new unit, ship back the defective one, and continue to enjoy the power of your Dell monitor."
This includes even dead pixels. Apparently they charge $50 for this warranty usually but in this case it is free. It has an supposedly decent webcam and USB hub built into it which are nice extras.
The reviews for this monitor seem very good. The only thing that concerns me is the higher resolution(2048 x 1152) on a 23" monitor making web pages and pics look smaller than they should. I think I might actually prefer a 24" 1080p monitor but this looks like a nice deal especially with that warranty.
Anyone know of a better deal for this price area or should I snag this while the deal is still on?
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  1. That is a good monitor I have a 5 year old Dell 20" WS that I have been very happy with. In the meantime I have gone through 19" and 22" Samsung on other systems that broke right after the warranty ran out.
  2. Seems like a very solid buy at that price. Newegg has monitors with similar features from other brands in the $300 range.
  3. I would go with something 1080p just because I would be worried about the odd resolution causing aspect ratio issues in games and movies, but I'm sure you could work around any of that. If you want a web cam and that resolution it's a good deal, Dell makes great LCDs, the 2 offices I worked in in the last 10 years have had all dell equipment. We had one 20" that developed a single purple line and dell's warranty service was as good as advertised, you call them and they overnight a new one to you with a shipping label to send the old one back.

    Personally if I were buying another monitor today I would look for something 120hz that is going to be 3D compatible in the future, they are more expensive though, I haven't seen any for less than $250.
  4. There should be no aspect ratio issues. 2048 x 1152 is 16:9 just like 1080p.
    As for 120hz, yeah, they are well out of my budget.
  5. Jyjjy, I don't think you're going to find much better on a 200 dollar budget. You can always turn the magnifier/zoom/zoom text on for your browser(s) if you really need to.
  6. Yeah, and you will be able to downscale through the main OS personalization hub anyways.
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