Seagate Barrcuda not detected by BIOS but Detected By windows!

guys i want your help, today my hard drive got corrupted i dont know how this happen,

One month ago!!

i shut down my system peacefully, after an hour i turn it on and then it show me, " HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK" i dont know what happen to it, then boot windows seven recovery disk and choose repair option, then it shows nothing in the operation system dialog, still i press next and use CMD then i use diskpart, list disk, what i see...

disk 0 online 0B

then i open bios and there what i see it also shows 0B as total size!!! can anyone help me please!! day after tomorrow is my Exam!! and i'm frustrated right now!! please!!

i'd used most of the measures even though i bring my friends cpu and attach disk to that pc but nothing!!!

now When i Bought my new CPU, when i connected HDD it doesn't Recognised by BIOS at all, But got detected by Windows as i saw in Disk Management here are some Snapss!!

Please help!!
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  1. how old was the drive..seagate has a firmware bug with some of there drives.
    looks like seagate may recover the drive data for you do to a firmware bug.
  2. Its an OEM Drive 2 years old, so not covered in warranty!!! :(
  3. u can try update firmware via windows but it came with risk it self...

    since it near exams...

    i would step those hdd aside and try to cram out in friends place...
  4. Update bios and hdd firmware.
  5. Any idea how to update the firmware??

    Exams are over now!! :)
  6. Unable to update firmware its says!!

    Model Matched!! no firmware matched!! will not download!!

    :( :(
  7. is there no new firmware for the disk?

    usually on HDD manufacturer website there software/tools that u can download to check the HDD firmware and to flash/update the firmware...

    sometimes u need to DL the patch (new firmware) separately....

    please make sure the model and the firmware version is correct...
  8. there is an update for that drive, i searched it on seagate site!!

    Firmware available is CC49!!

    Suggest any solution!!
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