I'd like use this forum to start a petition.

The petition is to get Microsoft to release an update that gives users the option to stop Windows from automatically installing drivers.

I've looked for solutions all over the web (here's one of them), but none of them work.

I have an Asus Ares and every time I install new drivers (either from ATI or the official Asus website), a few days later, Windows installs 5970 drivers. This causes my custom drivers to stop functioning. :fou:

Microsoft NEED to know that this is an issue that MUST be resolved! :ange:
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  1. Same, I gave up.

    Kept causing my 4870x2 to go into 8 bit mode
  2. Gpu drivers are through windows update, so have you tried changing the settings to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them."
  3. I've tried that. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
  4. Does CCC have an auto update settings?
  5. Atm, I'm running older drivers (the official Asus Ares drivers) and they don't have that feature. Windows has still installed 5900 drivers by default.
  6. Use firewall.
  7. How would I be able to use firewall?
  8. If it updates automatically, than u can stop that programs update utility from accessing the net.

    In the Windows update u can select to never check for updates or check for updates, but let me choose whether to download or install them.
  9. Ok, that might be worth a try. Do you know where the entry is? I can't find it anywhere.

    Also, I doubt that it's actaully downloading anthing in the first place. I think it's installing something that's already installed on the machine.

    PS Every time I update the drivers, I use Driversweeper and delete the entries in Device Manager, etc.
  10. Bump
  11. Can u run Belarc and check the log info?

    It is in the driver install package and when there is a new driver available, it asks u to install the new update or it may install it for u.

    U are using Win Firewall, right?
  12. Yes I am using Windows Firewall. I just ran Belarc Advisor. What info did you want from it?
  13. Any ATI/AMD program related to Catalyst?
  14. Yes:

    ASUS ARES [Display adapter]

    ASUS EAH5970 Series [Display adapter]

    PKB Maestro 242DX [Monitor] (23.4"vis, s/n D210C0024000, December 2009)

    The ASUS EAH5970 Series shouldn't be there...

    Btw, is it ok to have a Security Benchmark Score of 0.63/10?
  15. Windows Firewall let through programs like that automatically. I use COMODO, because u can set not to let anything through, so it will ask u and than u create a rule for the programs.
  16. rocknroll0237 said:
    BTW, is it ok to have a Security Benchmark Score of 0.63/10?

    Sure, it is ruthless on judging u, isn't it?
    Do u have latest updates, protection apps and others... U can click on why is it so low...

    It will show u all the reasons : ) Bit paranoid by Belarc IMHO.
  17. I've downloaded Zone Alarm firewall. Will I need to turn off Windows Firewall, or can both of them run together?
  18. I've downloaded Zone Alarm firewall. Will I need to turn off Windows Firewall, or can both of them run together?

    It is just a matter of manual control by u.
  19. Cheers
  20. Also there should be an option in the Win. update not to update the drivers.
  21. I'll speak more tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  22. Nothing to it.
  23. Hi there,

    I've installed Comodo free edition. How can I block Windows Update?
  24. rocknroll0237 said:
    Hi there,

    I've installed Comodo free edition. How can I block Windows Update?

    Why don't you just go into the settings and find the update it's downloading and BLOCK IT... you can block individual updates... please don't stop updating your system because you don't know how to stop one update creating all kinds of attack vectors on your computer... next thing you know you'll be in here asking people how to get a virus off your system..
  25. Right, that's it. I'm going to upgrade to Professional today or tomorrow and I will edit gpedit.msc.

    That will stop Windows from installing the stupid 5900 drivers (and if it doesn't, I'm GOING TO ASSASSINATE BILL GATES!)

    @slhpss, I understand what you're saying and you're right. I shouldn't have to resort to disabling Update.
  26. check this... there was an update for something on my system... something stupid like sound drivers or sdcard drivers... I can't remember... but it made certain websites unaccessible... (only one really) noone can figure out why... it makes no sense... but i rolled back the driver and set windows update not to install it... just it no need to block the rest of the downloads, and the beauty is you will use catalyst to update your vid drivers so there is no harm in blocking the one driver.
  27. Maybe it is just because I'm using the Professional version of Windows 7, but by default my PC won't automatically update drivers.

    Anyways, a quick search yeilds a post on what you want -
  28. Hi guys,

    I've updated to Windows Professional, changed gpedit.msc and installed the new 11.10 drivers.

    I'll keep you guys updated over the next few days. ;)
  29. Damn it.

    And I thought it was doing ok, but no- Windows has installed 5900 drivers ontop of the Ares drivers AGAIN!

    This isn't good.

    Not even gpedit.msc has helped me. :fou: :fou: :fou:
  30. UPDATE: I installed chipset drivers a few weeks ago and since then the 11.11 drivers have been okay. Let's hope it stays that way! I'm still annoyed at Microsoft though. There should be an option to turn off automatic driver installation!
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