How to turn off a secondary HDD (HTPC)


I recently built an HTPC for my bedroom with a 60GB SSD boot drive, and a 3TB 7200 RPM HDD storage drive. Every other part of the computer is absolutely silent/cannot be heard (PSU, CPU fan, case fans)... except for the HDD. I cannot think of a way to get it to spin down/turn off/run quieter, short of putting it to sleep when I go to bed (I'd like it to stay on though, as the shows I want to record come on after I go to bed). I would very much like to keep this HDD and not have to swap it for a lower RPM drive (since I already spent the money), so here goes;

1) In Windows 7's power settings, does "turn off hard disk after" refer to the primary boot drive (SSD)? Or can it refer to the secondary HDD?

2) Are there any other ways to quiet/muffle/silence an HDD?

I thank you all in advance for your advice
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  1. Hard drive power options apply to all internal hard drives.
  2. Thank you phil! Any other recommendations/advice to get it running quieter?
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