Replaced video card -- got garbled video. Help!

I built my system in 2006:

Biostar T Force 965PT775
Core 2 Duo 6300
e-GeForce 7600 GT
Patriot 667 memory
Western Digital Cavier 250GB SATA II

OS = Windows XP

Two days ago, I walked into my computer room and found my screen black. I rebooted and heard 3 beeps (1 long, 2 short). After looking up the bios beep codes, I realized that my video card was probably dead.

Yesterday (!) my new video card arrived from Newegg: the eVGA GeForce GT 240 (512MB DDR5, PCI-E 2.0).

Upon installation of the card and driver, I saw a very garbled image. I could read text, but the graphics were very distorted, colors way off, and instead of a mouse pointer, I saw a large square (~50x50 pixels).

I also tried downloading the latest driver, but I experienced the same problem.

I registered my product with eVGA and asked them about the problem yesterday, but still haven't received any help.

Anyone here experienced a similar problem?

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  1. tried re-seating the card in the slot?
  2. Yes, just tried, but it didn't solve the problem.
  3. Discoloration and artifacts are usually a clear sign a video card is defective, but since your old card is completely dead, it's possible there's a problem within the motherboard, or possibly even the power supply. Is there any way to test the new GT240 (and the old card) in another system? A friend's PC maybe, or one at school/work?
  4. Might be able to test it in my wife's computer if I ask nicely :)

    One more piece of info-- if I remove the video driver then it boots up with low res and looks ok (ie not discolored and no artifacts). I'm really hoping it isn't the motherboard!

  5. Tried the old card in my wife's pc and it failed to boot. Didn't try the new one because o don't want to install another video driver on her machine and risk screwing it up...
  6. It's possible you have a corrupted driver installation, or a bad driver file or package. You could always try downloading and reinstalling them again. You could also try using a different driver version. The most recent driver isn't always the most stable for every model...
  7. If the artifacts are lines across your screen. That is a sign of a bad cable or connection.
  8. Thanks for the advice so far.

    Tried another monitor/cable but it didn't work, so not a connection problem. Also tried another driver to no

    Maybe it is time to build another system anyway...
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