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Well, first off, i don't like the way most cases look. I don't want a HAF build, i don't like the industrial look, and plastic. I don't really care for windows but its ok, i want good cooling though :( I like smooth sleek lines, kinda like lian li, but i also dont want to pay the upwards of 150 to get a good case. Should i just go with a test bench for and wait til i find a case i like or just go with a cheap antec 100 build. The cooling seems alright, but im not too confident.

Any suggestions?

-i did like the RV02 but the fans are laid horizontally and are sleeve bearings. To replace would cost around 75 bucks and thats something i dont feel like doing.
-I need to fit a 160mm heatsink and 6950 with an atx motherboard
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  1. The Antec 100 seems a fairly capable budget case. I can also attest to the Antec 300 which is also a very good budget case with simple, clean looks. As you mentioned, Lian Li seem to be the leader in this field though with high quality cases and a clean look. The price is the down-side though!

    The Corsair 600T graphite has some great reviews and is $144.99 on Newegg after rebates. Coolermaster case designs vary a fair bit and you may be able to find a clean, sleek design to suit your tastes. Silverstone may also be worth a look but like Lian Li they're expensive. Hope this helps a little - I'm sure others will have suggestions!
  2. the 600t is not my thing with its not my thing with its rounded edges, and the cooling i hear is not so good
    coolermaster is alright, i dont really like the looks of any of their case nor high end antecs. i guess ill just get a test bench or antec 100/300.
  3. beanoslim said:

    Yeah, im pretty sure those are sleeve bearing too

    @Marco oh yeah the lian li LANCOOL cases i like but are all plastic on the outside
  4. Quote:
    Yeah, im pretty sure those are sleeve bearing too

    Why is that a problem, they are nice and quiet.
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