First Time Build - Need to double check.

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    Biostar isn't a reputable mobo manufacturer for being great in quality but obviously they aren't terrible either or they wouldn't still be in business. You generally wanna stick with Asus/Gigabyte or MSI.

    The ram is fine but you could spend a few more bucks to get one with some heat spreaders.

    That graphics card is a few generations old and there are some better options in that price range (GTX460, 470, 5850, the new 6000 series). Its also incredibility large and probably wouldn't fit in that rosewell microATX case.

    The hard drive is a nice choice if you aren't planning to raid.

    According to the OCZ site that PSU has a total of 58amps on the 12v rail. Its efficiency levels are rated decently too. It should be a perfectly fine PSU unless you get unlucky with a bad one like some of the reviewers on newegg.

    Good Burner choice. Its OEM but comes with some software and a Sata cable.

    You don't really need thermal paste if you're going to use the stock CPU cooler.

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  2. Biostar is just as good as MSI.
  3. much better

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