M4600 storage for adobe premiere pro cs6?

Hey everyone.. i was curious what everyone might suggest as a good storage setup on a m4600 i'm spec'ing out? I'm going to be buying an external 4tb usb 3.0 drive, so i figure that will be storage... but what would everyone recommend as storage on the actual laptop, knowing that i'm primarily going to be using it for cs6 applications, especially premiere pro cs6?

My options are:

Primary Storage (128gb SSD minicard, 256 SSD, 512 SSD, 750gb HHD)

Secondary Storage (128gb SSD, 256 SSD, 512 SSD, 750gb HHD)

$ is an issue so the 512 SSD's are a little out of the question. What would everyone recommend?
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  1. anyone have any advice? :)
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