Looking for a Nice Motherboard (click for details)

I need a Mobo that will fit 3-4 Fans and a CPU fan like the Cooler master 212+

or should i just stick with my P8P67 and the 15.99 dollar fan controller.

gamer 2 8gb dual core ram if not dual core then find me cheap triple slot 12-16gb for about 55bucks

Price Limits:

Mobo 139.99 (if not then include good a good fan controller)

thank you for your help but if u need bucks then take it away from the motherboard price i got a
(btw i will do video editing and file converting on it especially with Sony Vegas)

i5 1155
cooler master 750w
EVGA 560ti
my case is a Blue Haf 222
i also need a MotherBoard for Sata 3 and 6
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  1. Based on my experience I would recommend Gigabyte mobos for performance and reliability over other brands and I have used all of the major brands. The link below shows the various HSF performance. the Hyper 212+ is an excellent and inexpensive HSF that works very well.

    Any name brand DDR3 RAM designed for your CPU should work fine. You can buy 8 GB. for ~60.

  2. What i found is an MSI board...its way cheaper and the cheaper it goes for me its the better but im worried if it has Japanese capacitors those i will pay extra for

    i will buy a good mobo especially with Dual support tripple support ill build for video editing but i wont be doing heavy editing you know the basics i dont want usb 3.0 IDE cable support isnt needed if i needed i need the mobo to have esata case support tho and the ram i found is patriot gamer 3 witch is performance ram...i dont care if my cpu holds back my ram or if its the other way around its my hdd that will hold it add back
  3. I found a MSI P67A-G43 and it is for 109.99 mail in rebate otherwise its a 129.99 mobo and it dose not break my budget it has EVERYTHING i could possibly want...and usb 3 (i am not use to the blue usb things)
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