New computer doesnt boot, need help!

Okay guys,
I have some really weird computer problem. Here it goes...

This morning, I had my:

computer case A (Antec P182):
E8400 CPU
P5Q Pro motherboard
4gb corsair memory
gtx 260 video card
750 watt "Zeus" silverstone PSU

This morning, my computer worked fine, I played some games on steam, sc2 and used outlook.

Now, I bought an extra case:
Computer case B (Antec Sonata III incl. 500W PSU)

I decided to put the contents of my case A (P5Q, E8400 and memory) into case B.

Then, things get exciting... I put some brand new:
I7 860 processor
P7P55D motherboard
2x 2gb gskill memory F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL "Ripjaws PC3-12800 DDR3 1600, CL9-9-9-24)

along with my old but worthy gtx 260 into case A (P182).

I hook up every cable, and decide to power this machine (case A).

Unfortunately, I dont even get to hear the PSU fan. There is a LED behind the 750W PSU. When i connect the cord, the Led becomes orange. When I power it, i hear a faint buzzing noise and the led turns red for "failure". The fan on the PSU does not move.

Upon seeing this, I decided to verify the jumpers for the power and reset buttons. They are fine (cant mess up with Q-Connect dongle).

I check the memory, its well installed. I try to power up again, it fails.

So I decide to power my case A machine with the 500W PSU that came with case B. I perform all the necessary connections. Unfortunately, I get the same results. The PSU does not start.

Now, I really dont know what the problem could be.
I dont want to RMA to the motherboard, processor and memory until I know which piece is defective. I dont even know how to determine where the problem is.

I really need some expert help here.

On a side note, I connected the case B (500W psu with e8400 and so on) and it boots up without any problem. Its also my 3rd homemade computer (others being successful).
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  1. Bump~ need help ;X
  2. So, your current "Case B" works fine with both PSU, but "Case A" with the new components works with neither?

    This to me would suggest a connection problem. Have you installed all the components correctly? Plugged in all the necessary cables to the motherboard and video card? CPU fan power connected to the motherboard?

    I find it helpful to install the absolute minimum required to get the pc to post into bios, once that's ok then worry about things like HDD.
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