What should I upgrade?-budget pc

Hi, I am currently running a budget computer that is slowly progressing to be a reasonable-level gaming computer. I currently have:

Athlon 64 x2 5600+, at 2.9 ghz (dual core)

3gb DDR2 ram

Sapphire Vapor X 5770 graphics

Asus M2N68-LA (Narra2) motherboard (AM2)-4 ram slots (and possibly 89 watt max???)

585watt psu

awful HP case that is a mid tower, yet it only holds a mATX mobo...

(HP a6330f + GPU and PSU)

So, I obviously just upgraded the PSU and GPU, but what should I do next? I understand that I need a quad core processor, and more RAM would be great, but it seems like an AM3 with DDR3 would be the best bet. However, this would require purchasing a new processor, all new RAM, and a new motherboard, exceeding my budget, assuming I am shooting for around 3.0ghz on a quad core.

The cheapest quad cores on newegg are around $100, with an AM3 socket, and this motherboard(hyperlinked) looks pretty amazing, for $100. Add in ram and a case and--wait, were already over $200 bucks.

So, should I save up for AM3 and DDR3 and a case,
or upgrade my DDR2,
or upgrade my DDR2 and find a decent AM2 that works with my mediocre mobo,
or just forget about it because I can play Crysis on high with a 40 fps average? -note that's not "very high"

Thanks for the help!!

-And, correct me if i'm wrong on this, but, it seems like "future proof" computers are a bit of a waste of time, considering my little system here can almost run crysis flawlessly? And, for example, New Vegas is came out with easy graphics, Starcraft 2 is just silly, and Crysis 2 can't honestly expect to sell well unless the requirements are similar, if not less than Crysis 1's. Just my opinion and confusion.
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  1. Another option, possibly not a popular one unless budgets your main concern
    but try to find an AM2+ socket Mobo that runs ddr2, upgrade proc to an AM3, (Triplecore would do you best for easing budget/decent gaming), keep/increase current ram to 4Gb
  2. I guess so, but how much performance is lost without an AM3 socket, if any?
  3. what is your total budget? yes, even the cheapest AM3 boards of any reasonable quality with 4 GB of DDR3 will come in around $200 for a 3-core processor, and about $180 for a dual core.
  4. a AM2+ plate running a triplecore isn't going to have any massive loss over a bottom end AM3 offering,
    I was working on the assumption you wanted to keep as much of your current build as possible and the mobo/chip (to me) seems the most cost-efficient way to go for boosting your gaming.
    Having said that, if you decided to go for a new build, it would be DDR3 and AM3 all the way Brother,
  5. ScrewySqrl: Hmm, I don't really know quite yet. I will probably sell my xbox and games, leaving probably over 200 dollars, but I do want to spend as little as possible.

    And yes, I do want to keep as much as possible, but- heres another question: how much of a difference would DDR3 really make? I am running PC2 5300, giving me only 667 mhz...

    And finally, just overall, would it be more cost efficient for what I want (gaming) to buy a new cpu OR memory?
  6. If its one or T'other, I say the chip will be the more important of the two to improve things for you, having 4Gb is just an optimum amount, you can survive on 3Gb while you save for your next build (Re-using new chip) :P
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