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Dual SLI

I have a Biostar TA790gx A3+ Mobo. I have 2 PCI express slots and would like to Dual SLI a pair of Nvidia 9800gt 1g cards that I have from a previous system. Will they work with this ATI chipset?
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    Well, it looks like the system is Crossfire only, but since you already OWN the 9800GTs I see no reason you can't use hacked drivers on those card if you want to use hacked drivers that enable SLI on a CF only motherboard.

    I'm not sure if this is the most recent version, I don't dwell into hacked drivers myself, but I know they work.
  2. I have nothing to lose on it. If it works, great! Thanks for the link.
  3. yeah thats what I was thinking. its not something I would suggest to someone looking to buy cards and plan on SLIing them on a CF only motherboard, but for you it doesn't really matter.

    By the way I've never heard of it not working, I know a few people who use them so it should work.

    Good luck.
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