PC PROBLEM I am begging for help.


I have an issue with my computer It occured to me few hours ago. I will describe everything below, firstly I am going to write down what type of components do I have: CPU- Intel i7 930 2,8Mhz, RAM 3x 2gb DDR3 1800, Geforce Nvidia 460 GTX 768mb, Motherboard ASUS P6T SE X58, Hard drive WD 1tb 64mb cache, power- WIN Power+Plus 750W.

It is a new computer that I brought few months ago everything was working perfectly apart of that my computer was freezing sometimes (happened to me like 4 times) mouse and whole system were frozen that restart the only solution. Today my computer swiched itself off while I was having a conversation on the TeamSpeak with my friends. I couldn't swich it ON again the computer was just dead PC he was not responding for my request of swiching himself ON, the power supply was alright i have a small swicher in my motherboard with light and the light was on (which means that power was ON) while i was trying to swich my PC ON but he was not responding. I opened my PC I looked through the cables and everything, everything seem to be alright firstly I though that It might be HDD so i unplugged and plugged cables back and computer. The time I swiched power ON on my power supply and I hit the swicher computer worked and it started normally with no problems.

After a while when I was playing game on my PC the PC swiched off again itself, same story as above but this time after doing the same stuff he did not work again, I have taken the BIOS battery out to restart BIOS to defalt settings (in case if something happened) I looked through few forums and I started checking the components one by one. Firstly I thought it might be a swicher button which can be damaged somehow cable or anything. I checked this first everythig was ok. So after that i unplugged cables from my HDD and from my CD/DVD ROm. I tried again, computer swiched for 0,5sec and swiched off itself (when i try swich it on again it is not working untill i cut off the power in my power supply there is a button 0/1 where after that i hit the swicher again and he swichs computer ON for 0.5sec and turns off again. I don't have even a occasion to see anything on the screen of my monitor.

After that I took RAM's out from my PC I took out the Graphc card as well. Basicly the components that were pinned were CPU, motherboard and power supply, when i tried again same story occured. I am reminding that everytime the small button on the motherboard the manual swicher's light were still on while i tried to turn the PC on for the 1st or even 2nd and 3rd timeit did not blink even for once so i believe that it is not the problem of power supply because power was in the computer for the whole time. (when i cut off the power in power supply the light from this small button goes away this is the sign that power supply is working properly - for me)

I am not sure what is damaged or what problem is I took out my savings and I am willing to buy new part which is damanged because i need computer for my college assignments and other stuff. I believe that it is the motherboard and i am going to buy another one but slightly different model but it alsmo might be a CPU which will be really painful for me because of the price. I am just afraid of that when the new motherboard comes and i will transfer everything on new motherboard that the same problem will occur and I will have 2 working motherboards and problem will be not solved.

If someone had a similar problem or heard about something like this I am begging you help me give me advice tell me what to do share with me your information ASAP
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  1. The WinPower has a very bad reputation.
    I would invest in a Seasonic,Corsair or even a Antec at about 500-700 watts.
    Even though the power light stays on one of the power rails might be failing.
    Try a decent power supply first.
    IF you can borrow one from a friend that would be good.
    Also a decent one is about 50-75 USD.
    A bad PSU can cause ALOT of problems.
  2. king smp said:
    The WinPower has a very bad reputation.
    I would invest in a Seasonic,Corsair or even a Antec at about 500-700 watts.
    Even though the power light stays on one of the power rails might be failing.
    Try a decent power supply first.
    IF you can borrow one from a friend that would be good.
    Also a decent one is about 50-75 USD.
    A bad PSU can cause ALOT of problems.

    yeap right it would be great it was my first idea but the problem is that i dont have any friends with normal PC therefore all of them have a laptops, if i would go to the PC shop they will charge me around 100£ for just checking what is the issue where for 100£ i can have either power supply or motherboard.
  3. That power supply is pure crap!
    Replace it before it destroys the rest of your computer.
  4. I'd agree that it's likely either the PSU or motherboard. Realistically it could even be both if your PSU has damaged your motherboard as well. As others have said, ideally you'll want to borrow a PSU to test before purchasing. You don't even need to have one that is capable of powering your full system since you can remove the graphics card just to test if the issue still arises. That being said, even if you still have issues with a new PSU it doesn't necessarily mean that your old PSU is fine - as I mentioned it could be that the PSU has damaged the motherboard and you need to replace both parts.

    Are you in the UK? If so, where in the UK? You should be able to pick up a decent PSU for £60-£70. I use Ebuyer personally.

    Corsair 550VX is a great PSU with a five year warranty - £67.65

    I'd get that one if you can afford it. However they also do:

    Antec 520W HGC which I don't know an awful lot about but the 920W version has good reviews on JonnyGuru. - £57.03

    Or the Antec BP550W - £57.42

    The way I look at it is that you have a great little system and you wouldn't want any of it to be damaged by an under-par PSU. It will just cost you more in the long run.


    are the places to look for PSU reviews.

    Borrow/buy a new PSU and try that. It will be a good investment anyway since cheap PSUs will only ever cause you trouble. I just hope that if the PSU is the fault that it hasn't taken your motherboard with it. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  5. yes i will go tomorrow to some computer market where i can get new items and i will talk to the pakistani guys who creates this market and sell stuff i might be able to talk with them that if for example PSU is not an issue i will come back give psu back n i will buy a motherboard hopelly i will see tomorrow but i asked torady some computert technitians n i told about my issue they said it might be both but they are betting that it is motherboard
  6. Quote:
    are you from pakistan?


    no im not but they are the only hope here cos i can make a resonable buisness with them

    lol now something very strange happened i didnt do anything since yesterday with my PC and now i said let me try it and he accualy swich ON and he didnt swich OFF and he was just beeping because i took all parts outside lol? now i am really confused. i will put now all parts inside and see what is going to happen in next hours
  7. no no no the BIOS and beeps are not problem the situation above is.
    so i pinned everything and plugged everything and i launched my PC and it is woking normally for now i will test it now by leaving him launched for few hours and i will see what is going to happen maybe he gonna swich off again if yes i am sure that it wont be a motherboard most likely as some people said it will be a power supply so if it occures i will go and buy new power supply and test again but why is it happening
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