Major lag

I had an Asus P6T Deluxe Version 2 motherboard that died. I ordered the closest thing possible the Asus P6TD Deluxe and installed it. I have the Intel 980X Extremem cpu, 12GB Hyper Kingston Ram, Nvidia GTX 295 video card, etc. I use wireless Linksys AE 1000 USB wireless with Linksys E3000 router
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  1. ^^^ this.

    Need more information mate.

    Do you lag when playing games or on the internet? Does your computer just lag generally when trying to load things?

    What OS are you using? Remembering XP hates hardware updates and you might need to reinstall some graphic drivers etc.
  2. Make sure the clear CMOS first, BIOS are up to date, and memory timings are set properly, etc.
  3. Ok I did a full windowsw reinstall last night.
    I am now running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    Deleted my partition and everything
    I am not sure whats going on
    Basically when I am playing l4d2 for example I go fine for 3 or 4 seconds then i lag for 2 or 3 seconds and so on and so forth
    I have no clue
    Asusu P6T Deluxe Version 2 awesome computer, Asusu P6tD deluxe motherboard piece of *** computer. I am ready to can my pc and buy an $1100 one from best buy.
    The only other thing that has changed is I was using the Linksys WMP600N PCI Dual Band N nic adapter and now I am using the Linksys AE1000 Dual BAnd N USB Adapter.
  4. I did I went to and downloaded all the most recent drivers. I also went to and downloaded the most recent drivers what other sepcs do you need
  5. Ok I had
    Asusu P6T Deluxe Version 2 Motherboard
    Intel 980X Extremem CPU
    EVGA Nvidia GTX295 Video CArd
    12GB DDR3 Ram
    1TB Western Digital Sata Drive
    139 MB Western Digital Raptor Drive
    DVD RW Blue Ray Burner
    Card Reader
    Thermaltake V6 Case
    Corsair 1000 Watt Power Supply
    Linksys WMP600 Wireless N Nic Card

    Two things have changed

    I know have the Asus P6TD Deluxe Motherboard
    Linksys AE1000 Wireless N USB
  6. Try a memtest to see if it is your ram..In otherwords stress test your ram.
  7. I also did a ram test and it completed good
    I did a hard drive test also which says good but it also says that the hard drive is security freeze locked. What does this mean
  8. rabloom said:
    I also did a ram test and it completed good
    I did a hard drive test also which says good but it also says that the hard drive is security freeze locked. What does this mean

    The optional Security Mode feature set is a password system that restricts access to user data stored on a
    device. The system has two passwords, User and Master and two security levels, High and Maximum. The
    security system is enabled by sending a user password to the device with the SECURITY SET PASSWORD
    command. When the security system is enabled, access to user data on the device is denied after a power
    cycle until the User password is sent to the device with the SECURITY UNLOCK command.
    A Master password may be set in a addition to the User password. The purpose of the Master password is to
    allow an administrator to establish a password that is kept secret from the user, and which may be used to
    unlock the device if the User password is lost. Setting the Master password does not enable the password
  9. Ok well that doesn't seem like the cause
    I just downloaded and futuremark tests and they all seem normal
  10. Well randomly I have solved the problem. The other thing that changed was that my girl friend moved in with me and we transferred her internet account here. She had the one speed slower internet than mine I called them and upgraded the internet speed and bam its awesome again. THANKS!
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