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I recently got a new monitor, the Asus MS238H for my new build. The graphics card I use is the HIS 5750. On my older monitor, the resolution was perfect, and windows 7 took up the entire screen, but the new monitor leaves a half inch of black around the border. It's driving me crazy. I've tried everything but ATI won't allow me to set a custom resolution or expand my current.

I'm hoping this makes sense, but is there any way to set a custom resolution or expand the 1920x1080 to fill up the entire screen?

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  1. That card should do 1920x1080. Maybe you could try updating/reinstalling the drivers for the card and monitor?
  2. both the card and monitor are set for 1920x1080, but there is still a half inch of black screen around my desktop. I've tried updating the drivers for the graphics card, but that didn't really do anything and the monitor has no drivers to download.

    I believe the problem is in the monitor. It won't let me choose any other display option other than full screen and I wanted to see if 4:3 display would work better because that was what the old monitor used I believe. Or maybe 16:9.
  3. I've also read about a program called powerstrip for ati custom resolutions. However, I could not find a version for windows 7. any suggestions?
  4. Well, it seemed the only temporary solution was to set the resolution to 1680x1050.
  5. Try the auto/set button on the monitor
  6. +1 to cyprus1234. seems to me that ur monitor are using d-sub and hdmi connectors, no dvi. If ur using a d-sub connector, u might wanna press the auto/set button on the monitor or..... try connect ur monitor with hdmi cable.
  7. There is an option in Catalyst Control center that allows you to resize the picture larger or smaller.
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