Which 8 pin CPU to use

I just bought a Corsair AX850 which ships with 2 EPS12V CPU cables. The PSU will be connected to a P6X58 Premium board (8 pin connector).

One connector has two 4 pin connectors on one end, which I assume both go to the mobo while the 8 pin on the other end would go to the PSU. And not the other way around. Is that correct?

Now the other connector has the same two 4 pin connectors on one end, but it has a 12 pin connector on the other end (but only 8 pins are functional - i.e. 4 don't have any metal). Why is that?

Sorry for the dumb questions. This my second build, just want to make sure it goes well without too much smoke.
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  1. p.s. this is a modular PSU..both ends need connecting.
  2. This should explain things... http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/1020/pg3/corsair-ax850-power-supply-review-external.html

    The 8pin (4+4) connects to the motherboard and the second 8pin (4+4) connects to motherboards like the ASUS Rampage III to give better support for overclocking.
  3. Sorry, I guess original post wasn't clear.
    The PSU ships with 2 cables - because it is a modular PSU, each cable has 2 connectors in this case.

    1. Cable 1 has a 4+4 on one end, pretty sure that one should go to the mobo.
    Cable 1 had an 8 pin (non-detachable) on the other end, which should go to the PSU.

    2. Cable 2 also has a 4+4 on one end.
    Cable 2 has a 12 pin on the other end, but only 8 of the pins have contacts. What is it for??
  4. 1.) Correct...

    2.) It is for motherboards that support two 8pin ATX cords. You plug the 12pin (8 used) in one of the PCIe slots on the power supply. Since the PCIe use all 12pins, the 8pin ATX has four pins empty to prevent overload/damage.
  5. Ok ....that makes sense..

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