I am having a problem installing Kombustor

I installed a MSI GTX460 yesterday. I installed the latest drivers and also installed afterburner. I tried to install Kombustor but it won't open after the install. It appears that it is trying to install a DX11 version but I am running XP 32bit which is only DX9 of course.

I've searched for a XP specific version of Kombustor but there doesn't appear to be one.

What am I doing wrong?
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  1. I think Kombuster is DX11 only, I'm not sure, its just MSIs versions of Furmark they are like the exact same thing, just use Furmark instead.

    I could be incorrect, but to save hassle just use Furmark.

    I found this cached in an old Google Result that lead me to the conclusion..

    well i think its not fair that you can only use kombuster for dx11

    I don't know what they are talking about, but seems to go wtih my original conclusion.
  2. Thanks Helltech. I installed Furmark. I set the resolution to 1920x1080 then hit go. When I hit go furmark closes. Lol.

    EDIT: when I select any resoltion it closes. BTW there is no 1920x1080 only 1920x1200. Sorry about that.
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    Well Furmark deffinitely works on Windows XP so thats not the problem. Did you instal 1.8.2? Maybe try resetting (stupid I know, but worth a shot).
  4. I had installed an older version than that. I just installed 1.8.2 and it is working. My computer locked up around 875 at stock voltage. That seems to be about right from all the reviews I've read of the MSI 460. I am going to play around with it for a little bit. Hopefully I won't do any damage. Lol

    BTW, 1.8.2 does have 1920x1080!
  5. I just ran 3dmark06 at 800mhz and the score went from 14269 at stock 725mhz to 14466 800mhz. I expected a bigger increase than that for 75mhz bump in core speed. Maybe my E6600 at 3.2ghz is the problem. I tried to run it at 850mhz but it crashed.
  6. Haha yeah I thought so, thats why I wanted to make sure you had to the newest version. Glad its all working for you. Have fun overclocking.
  7. Run all your windows updates and use CCleaner to tidy up all your DLL's and caches and then retry.
  8. Naw, but I did figure out whats wrong OP, you have to use the latest version that lets you switch between the correct DirectX version.

    This is only available in the newest edition.

    Not that it really matters since you have Furmark, which I like better.
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