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Putting together a new rig and would appreciate any feedback, suggestions or advice! My main uses for this thing will be trading, gaming, and all around computing in that order. I want to do a custom water cooling kit and will be overclocking the CPU as well. Who do you guys recommend for custom water cooling kits and what is an estimate for total cost?

Processor – Intel i7-980X Extreme Edition - $1,000

Motherboard - ASUS Rampage III Extreme - $370

Case - Corsair Obsidian Series 800D - $270

Power Supply - Corsair Professional Series AX1200 - $300

Memory – Corsair Dominator 12GB 2000 - $400

Operating System Hard Drives – 4 x OCZ Vertex 2 in Raid 0 - $580

Raid Controller to run SSDs – LSI Mega Raid 9260-4i - $330

Hard Drive Storage - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB x 2 in Raid 1-$180

Sound Card - ASUS Xonar Essence ST - $210

GPU - 2 x Gigabyte 5970 EYEFINITY - $1340

CD/DVD Burner - $30

Blu Ray Burner - $150

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - $180

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business - $210

Total = $5,550 + custom water cooling kit
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  1. Since you'll be gaming aswell I'd get a 5970 eyefinity it will also benefit much more from water cooling than a 5870.

    Also I'd get the ax1200 from corsair because it's fully modular so you can use your cables of choice (I'd get these in a build like this http://www.nzxt.com/new/product.php?series_name=Premium+Cables&series=13 )

    For the rest great build.

    Your watercooling kit would typically cost arounf 500-1000 more like 500 because you don't have many components to cool.
  2. do u really need 4x SSDs in RAID 0 for ur OS? lol
  3. Thanks 007 appreciate the suggestion will do that. Jason the answer is probably no I don't!
  4. like 2 would probably do are those the 64gb or 120gb versions?

    hell if its only for boot 1 would do unless ofc u wannna RAID 0 2 of them to put a couple games on there as well for fast load times but 4x seems way overboard and a waste of $
  5. I think you should retain the motherboard since apparently, you're shooting for some very high overclocks. But what about dropping the CPU to the i7 970 and using this RAM set:

    G.SKILL PI Series 6 GB, 1600 MHz, CAS 7 set x 2 ($300)

    That saves you a total of $420. Put that on GPU budget (for a total of $1090) and get two GTX 480s.

    These are $440 after rebate, so GPU total of $880. Use the $210 saved towards better water-cooling components and fans.

    As a disclaimer, I'm assuming you're aware that this is massively overkill for your intended usage and that you probably won't benefit much if at all over a $2000 rig for gaming and trading.

    EDIT: I'm saying drop the CPU to the i7 970 (which is also a 32 nm hyperthreading six core) because you save $120 for a measley 133 MHz. Since you are planning to water cool and do insane overclocking, it won't matter.
  6. Personally unless you really want to save money I wouldn't make any of the downgrades mentioned. 4 vertex 2 drives with a raid controller are round the coolest thing you can fit in a system I really wouldn't leave it out unless you must(of course it's pointless for just win7 but considering the size of that partition I'm assuming you'll put your apps and games on it aswell.

    As for the CPU I would throw tha 970 idea away as fast as you can even though morton is right in usual builds when you get lucky here you can get a 980 that clocks to 4.5 easily whereas 970s aren't unlockewd and just can't clock that high.

    As for the ram the one you listed is better if you need the money get the G.skill if you don't stick with the dominators.

    As for the dual 480. The problem is you want something overclockable that supporets many screens(or so I assume when you want an eyefinity card) and somehing that performs and the 5970 eyefinity is the only card on the market that fullfills that really.
  7. I'm looking to run up to 6 monitors w/ this thing so that's why I'm going eyefinity. Is there an advantage to running 2 x 5970 2 GB in crossfire vs. 1 x 5970 4GB by itself?

    and yes I'm aware this is overkill!
  8. yessss!! for gaming 2X 5970 will mop the floor with a single 4gb.
  9. Cool thanks 007, I'll post some pics when this thing is complete.
  10. Nice build, kinda. But not worth 4,000, i dont understand why you want 4 ssd's and why dont you go for like 2 5870's or maybe even 3 if money isnt your concern. im not saying this in a bad way, im just wondering why the 4 ssd's.
  11. To increase performance in Raid 0, run apps, games, etc. I'm going 2 x 5970 to utilize crossfire, max overclock performance, and run multiple monitors.
  12. WTF! I was about to post 5-6k build and you have some of the parts that I was about to post.

    Maaan, I'll just sound like a copy cat :P lol

    Well I'm just going to get the same build as you and change the case. I trust your other items considering I'm rusty now! My build was based on best cpu\gpu\mobo\SSD from TH. Thanks man.

    Post me up with the water cooling, I'll go for that too :)
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