SSD on a Netbook

Hi, I've been thinking of getting an Intel 320 Series SSD as an upgrade for an aging netbook. The only thing stopping me from doing so is the worry of a CPU bottleneck from the Intel Atom on board making the upgrade rather redundant.
Without a doubt there will be a marked increase in performance, but will it be worth the money to spend on an upgrade?

Intel Atom N280 (1.6GHz)
1GB RAM (upgrading to 2GB)
5400RPM Toshiba HDD

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  1. it only speed up starting the laptop, starting an application, not going to make it run anything faster.
  2. Since you have a netbook, it's not worth it. If you're planning on getting an SSD (which improve the performance of accessing data and many other applications), you might wanna think about getting a laptop instead. There's lots of laptop out there with a decent processor or better, ram size (4-6gb), 500GB HHD for like $200-$500 (even some college and university are giving out their freshman students a free laptop).
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