Need Help Choosing a *Quality* Power Supply - i5 2500K

Hey all!

I've been browsing this site for a few weeks, but this is my first post :D

Anyways, to the question. I'm currently in the middle of purchasing all the parts for my first PC, but I've become a bit stuck on the power supply.

Basically, I need a good, reliable power supply that costs preferably around or less than $45. Also, it needs to have at least one 8-pin connector.

I'll be using an i5 2500K, probably overclocked to around 4.5 Ghz. My GPU is an HIS HD 4670, and for the most part it will not be used for gaming (perhaps some light gaming, but nothing major).

I had originally picked out this one because it has enough power, the right connectors, a low price, and it's highly rated. But then I saw on another forum that Diablotek power supplies are utter crap, so I'm reconsidering.

Any good ideas?

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  1. You are spending a several hundred dollars on a system and you want to spend $45 on a PSU? Might want to reconsider your budget a bit there.

    The 430CX can handle a system with a 4670, however, if you bump the voltage on the 2500K up too much you might push it over the limit, so you probably want something like the S12II 520W instead for a bit of extra capacity, its also a bit more stable so it should help with your OCing, definitely dont get that diablotek unit, its an old design and wont have enough power on the 12V rail to support a modern overclocked system
  2. Thanks for your advice. I'll definitely consider going above $45, but my goal is to keep it around there. That first one you suggested looks like a good one. What do you think of this?

    Thanks again.
  3. Utter crap.

    If it has a red voltage selector switch on the back it hasnt been redesigned in several years. All modern units have Active PFC, this comes with the added bonus of universal input voltage, so they dont need to put the selector switch on units that they want to sell in the US and in europe.

    The unsleved cables, 1 year warranty, and not even a grommet around the sharp metal edges of the circle the cables leave through tells me its not a unit meant to last long, get a unit with at least a 3 year warranty, preferably 5-7. A good PSU is the one part that doesnt get outdated as new ones are released, it should last you 5-7 years and let you move it from one build to the next.
  4. Well then. I suppose I'll probably go with that first one you suggested. Thanks for the help!
  5. I did thank him, but I'll thank him again. Thanks hunter315! You've saved me from years of headaches :D
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