Asus sabertooth 990FX mobo DRAM_LED light is on?

Hey, just got done wiring my pc, went to boot up and got a black screen. When I boot up, the CPU LED goes red but then turns off, but the DRAM_LED light stays on. I hold the MemOK button for ~3sec, it flashes for a bit and then nothing happens. What's wrong here?
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  1. Use the troubleshooting tutorial to slowly and carefully work thru the possibilities.
  2. Is your RAM seated properly? They should be level and not at an angle.

    Also what type of ram are you using? Is it a paired memory kit or just some sticks thrown in there?
  3. It seated properly, both are level. Currently using

    I just reset my bios but that didnt work either
  4. They could be in the wrong slots, I have them in the two furthest from the CPU, I'd put them both in white but my heatsink covers the other two...
  5. Hi I just rebooted my pc and I have got the problem that my dram led stays on. I have got the system for almost 2 to 3 years now and never had this kind of problem.
    If anyone has an solution for this let me know.

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