Clone upsize works fine except Photoshop won't save, -"folder full"

Cloned a client's 500 Gb (primary, active, boot etc.) to a new 3Tb WD Enterprise, using a bootable CD, with disc cloning program from from EASEUS. Always good results with this software.

The new large drive reverts from GPT to MBR as expected of a small MBR drive clone. That operation left almost a Tb unused, so I used Gparted from the Most Excellent Hiren's BCD to make it a useable partition and made a Data drive out of that space.

Transplant went almost perfectly; everything was in place after a single re-boot, all other programs run fine and save properly, including Windows Explorer which saw the new 2Tb drive and the Data drive E:\ , disk properties showed the correct used/unused proportions in C and E, (CD was D because I did not assign).

Phototshop, (he has an older ver. 7), operates as it should until time to save any changes, -then it claims the folder in My Pictures is full and refuses. I alternately tried the desktop location for a single file, same error message.

Re-installing with the Adobe disc, for some unknown-to-me reason, didn't complete, I had hoped to do a "repair" install. I checked the disc by starting to install on my lappy, went right into installation, so disc is good.

I am not sure if all setup and ProgData, and AppData will be there if I uninstall; so I am hesitant to uninstall then reinstall, unless consensus here favors that approach to problem. I use Gimp so I don't know if Photoshop, by design, balks at a new HDD or not.


Bruce Hinton
Alltech Systems
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  1. I can think of two things:
    - Photoshop needs re-activation. Adobe started with an internet activation process some time ago.
    - Photoshop has no write access to the directories for some reason. Maybe starting it "as administrator" helps for now
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