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He guys, i have a sick gaming pc and it plays well but there is only one issue, when i try to record gameplay like gta iv with mods etc. it only plays at like 20 to 30 fps, i think it is my harddrive. it's a pre-built pc by a small gaming company, and i called them up to ask what's wrong, and they said it maybe was my harddrive, so they recommended me to record on my ssd where my windows is mounted, they said it couldn't heart the ssd (i also have ensurance so ill just record on the ssd lol :D ). i have a samsung 830 serie ssd 128gb. what would be a good harddrive to record, i need an anwser from an expert please, i really need help.

My Rig:

CM Storm Scout 2

Dual CCFL Caselight Red

Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition

MSI Z77A-G43

Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.4Ghz

Corsair Hydro Series H100i

16GB DDR3 1600Mhz 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance

nVidia GTX 680 Twinfrozr OC

128GB Solid State Drive Samsung 830-series

1000GB Hard Disk Drive

ASUS PCE-N15 300N Wireless Network

Blu Ray RW 10x

OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W 80+

Windows 8 64Bit
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  1. fraps really taxes your system...in fraps window you can increase the framerate you will be record at...i would recommend staying at 30 even thoe it fells not smooth but if you watch the recording it will feel smooth like 60.. and with youtube they recommend compressing your videos with h.264 codec at 29.97 fps so yeah stay at 30...its not like you are watching sports that every frame counts because you missed the touchdown
  2. You said your fps is 20-30 while recording. What is it without recording?

    There is a hd monitoring app, can't remember the name. Run that while recording and see if your drive is being hammered or not. What is your cpu usage and gpu usage during recording and not during recording.

    Mods are done by users, many who while may be good at photoshop, know nothing about making good textures that run optimized.
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