Good USB 3.0 micro ATX cases

Hi everyone,

my old dell is just begging me to bludgeon it to pieces, but before I even consider doing so, I'm trying to get a build together before school starts up again on the 24th.

I go to a design school and I have a decent library of games that are mildly intensive, so I'm already planning on spending a little more on a good processor and a decent video card.

My main reason for posting this though, is:

Looking for a case with -

- Micro ATX (p8p67-m) support
- small form factor, mini tower, anything smaller than my dell dimension.
- USB 3.0 in front panel
- space for video card
- pretty looking. (i'm big on aesthetics unfortunately)
- at least one external bay for the ASUS disc drive I recently got
- preferably under $85

I've been looking around at In Win, ThermalTake (A30), Cooler Master, and Lian Li although they seem to be more pricey and less pretty.

by pretty I mean aesthetically pleasing in simple ways, a nice use of materials and an attractive light or power button somewhere. not just a dull box, nor some crazy looking overachiever case.

Any suggestions?


edit: I'll mention that I'm thinking of going with an i7 2600k, and will be using it for photoshop, illustrator, in design, possibly some 3d rendering programs, and gaming.
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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply and the welcome!

    Can those cases support micro ATX builds as well? I didn't see it in the specifications unless I oversaw them
  2. i see, these seem like good quality cases and some of the prices are nice but i might still not be convinced :-p

    the ones I've really been looking at the most within the past few hours are:
    thermal take armor series a30
    however doesn't have a usb 3.0 panel and is a little steeper than i'd like
    NZXT vulcan
    lack of usb 3.0, but good price range, seems to have enough space for what I'd like to put in it for gaming and design programs

    things that are sorta like those, and the ones featured on the In Win website.

    if i absolutely have to get a mid tower or so, I might go with the thermaltake v9 blacx
  3. i was looking at that FT03...that's pretty cool.

    Right now I think I'm considering between the Thermaltake a30 and the FT03 for smaller cases, which is what I'd prefer.

    The ft03 has that optical drive in the front though, I'd probably have to return my asus disc drive if I went that route.

    From what I've read it seems like the sandy bridge processors produce less heat overall...that being said, do you have any suggestions for low profile cooling in such small cases? Should I also buy aftermarket thermal paste?
  4. those are looking pretty good, thank you for your help!
  5. Exactly..I totally understand that. Thanks for being objective!
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