Is there a way to backup a partition table to prevent data loss?

After restarting my computer, my RAID 5 array (configured through AMD RaidXpert) was unable to be seen by Windows 8. In Storage Manager, it asked me to initialize the drive in order to use it. (which I obviously didn't do) I am in the process of recovering the data using R-Studio, and fortunately it's all still there.

So I'm wondering two things. First, is there a way to restore the drives/array to the way they were without re-initializing the array and putting it all back from what I recovered? I am assuming the partition table or something like that got corrupted, and windows can't see it because of that. Not because the array is messed up, because in RaidXpert the array is perfectly healthy.

And secondly, once I get everything back to the way I want it (or as close as possible) is there a way to backup the partition table and/or other drive configuration info to help recover the array if this happens again in the future?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!
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  1. If AMD RaidXpert says the raid set is healthy and you dont see it windows, it can only be a problem with the sata raid driver. Did you try to reinstall / fix that?
  2. Yeah, I tried that a little bit, but didn't have any luck. It kept saying the best driver was already installed for the AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller. When the array went down, I had just clicked Update & Restart. But I never saw it update, it just restarted abruptly. Would that have anything to do with it? And if so, how would I fix it? The motherboard model is Asus M5A97, and the south bridge is SB950.

    And Windows "sees" the array, in that it shows up in Storage Manager, but it asks me to initialize it to use it. Not sure if that helps, I just wanted to provide some clarification.
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