Diamond Radeon HD 5550 Win 7 Issue

I just installed a Diamond Radeon HD 5550 on Dell Dimension 9150, on which I had a 60GB SSD Running win 7 32 bit. First install the card worked and performed like a dream. After a shut down and 40 minutes later restarted it and the display goes crazy in about min of start. I have re-installed the HD 5550 catalyst and and changed to another HD 5550 but the problem remains. Any ideas if it is the 32 bit version of win 7 causing the problem or the mother board not good enough. Thank you for your help...
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  1. You can rule out power, as the 5550 sips barely any at all.

    How does it go "crazy"? Try using Driversweeper under safe mode and reinstalling CCC. It could be a PCIe 2.1 problem, though there really isnt much details, which 5550 are you using exactly?
  2. I read a lil more on the forms & found ppl having Catalyst 10.8 issues, so I uninstalled it and wola the problem is gone. I will install 10.7 tomorrow to see if 10.8 was the culprit or not... Thank You for your reply...
  3. Yes, sometime the older driver can be more stable than the latest one...
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