Asking what people think of this one (I7 Build)

So I have a client who told me he was satisfied with the computer I built him last year (for his girlfriend), therefor he wants me to make him a new one...

This time an I7 and his max budget is 1500... excluding videocard that he already has. (Zotak GTX460)

Note Last one was a budget pc so AMD Athlon II for girlfriend, ran great for real cheep)

What do you guys think of this setup... I rarely ever do Intel pc's as most of my clients are budget gamers.

Asus P6T S.1366 INT X58/ICH10R ATX $212.00
INTEL CORE I7 2.80 1366 8M BOX $307.00
CORSAIR DDR3 3X2GB 1600 $182.00
WD BLACK 500GB 3.5 7200 32MB (OS and Games) $54.00
WD CAVIAR GREEN 1.5TB 5400RPM (Raid Mirror for Data) 2 $75.00 $150.00

Total is 1094 CND + Taxes (quebec is nasty) 1234.85

For prices, I use Supercom (10$ max shipping, next day delivery at all time)
but CPU and Memory, the prices maybe lower as I use a better local supplier. (ashbymicro) (usually 10 to 25$ less)

Note that I don't want to make it more expensive then 1300 Tax in... I eint working for free.
harddrive configuration is my choice, client doesn't know what he wants... I go for mad space and long lasting data safety.

Note that I buy my parts from a supplier.
So Asus, Gigabyte, Thermaltake, WD, Seagate parts only.
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  1. Also...

    Usually for my AMD Builds, I use Kingston DDR3 -1333 CL9
    It's cheep ram but it always works flawlessly.

    Is there really a big performance difference between 1333 and 1600 for an I7 ?
    (Don't think it matters on the amd's)
  2. Id probably get Samsung Spinpoint F3/F4 instead of WD Caviars bro...

    Difference between 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz is the speed obviously.

    I'd say go with 1600 since it's an i7 build
  3. CPU: Core i7 950 ($300)
    MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth X58 ($200)
    RAM: G.SKILL Pi series 6 GB, CAS 7 ($155)
    GPU: Same as he has for SLI ($230?)
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB ($55)
    PSU: Corsair 750TX ($110)
    CASE: Preference. HAF 912, HAF 922, CM690 II Advanced, are all great around your price point ($90)
    DVD Drive: Doesn't matter ($20)

    Total: $1160

    Feel free to add in a 120 GB Vertex 2 SSD for ~$250 (last time I checked), but that tech is moving so fast I'm not sure if it's wise to buy in just right now. Especially with 25 nm intels coming out before the end of the year. Currently, the Vertex 2's are the best and the fastest, though. That is, along with any other drive that uses the same controller.

    Just saw that you were from Canada. Prices will vary, but you should still be under budget with this component list.
  4. Thanks for the advice.

    So far it seems I will change motherboard to the Sabertooth (192$) if they restock before I get my deposit.

    Same goes for the Corsair PSU... Out of stock :(

    My supplier does not have many samsung drives and lack description, so WD has never let me down. The 1.5 Terras at 75$ is quite an attractive price.

    For ram, as I said I am restricted to what my 2 suppliers offer so it might end up being Kingston DDR3 1600 (and for a lot less then 182)

    Thanks a lot for the help.

    Also, I am wondering what you guys think of this ?
    WD 300GB 10KRPM V-RAPTOR SATA 282 189.90 $
  5. Those 1.5 TB WDs are 5400 RPM, that's a joke, get at least 7200 unless you wanna bottleneck your i7 build

    Cheaper doesn't mean better, the Spinpoint F3s cause less heat and are much more popular

    A 10K RPM HDD for 190 bucks... sure if you want to waste your money
  6. If you are restricted to WD drives, look for a 1 TB FAEX model because those are about as fast as the F3s. I don't know how I feel about a $200 velociraptor. Check out some benchmarks. It's a compromise between a balance of speed and size (raptor) and raw speed with decent enough size.
  7. The i7 processors are insensitive to ram speeds and timings. Get the cheapest 6gb kit that is supported.

    If you want your client to really be impressed, Allocate about $100 for a SSD for the os and apps. Everything will seem so much quicker.

    Use a large cheap drive for storage.

    Cases are a personal thing.
    Show the client a selection of cases and get the one that appeals the most.
    Perhaps he might want a small case with a micro-atx motherboard. It would probably be cheaper, and save him some desk space.
    Lian li has some very nice small cases. They are pricey, but impressive.
  8. Agree with geofelt about everything. Great recommendations. If you get an SSD with Windows 7, they're gonna definitely be impressed.

    Lian-Li's look ugly as hell and I can't stand them. A small but yet spacey case is the NZXT Lexa S. It has 4 fans (1 x 140mm, 3 x 120mm (one w/blue LED on side), magnetic drive bay door, rubber grommets for cooling and cable management, bottom PSU mount, tool less design, space for multiple SDs and HDDs and much more.
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