5970 and mafia 2

i have 5970 and 4 GB of ram ddr2 800
intel q9550 2.83 quad core
windows 7 64 bit
the game is running good but it is some times be slow so why
the game running with max sittings expect physics cause the game be slow on medium and very very slow on high
i benchmark the game i got 58.9 rank C
i used optimal quality in ati catalyst but A.I to advanced for crossfire the it reduced from the slow in game but it currently slow some times
any one could help me or is it normal ?
and any one knows if there is physics program for ATI and thanks
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  1. I've read where others are having problems with Mafia2 and the latest Drivers. They had to rollback to Driver 10.4 to get decent game play.
  2. i currently have 10.4 driver because 10.5-10.6-10.7-10.8 caused many problems for me i tried before to do it and install 10.4 instead of 10.8
    10.4 fixed many problems like game slow and ..
    but it is normal that the game slow sometimes
  3. From what I've read it seems to be, but I don't know for sure as I don't have that game...sorry I could be more help!!
  4. I am a huge fan of Nvidia, but have all my respect for Ati, and what you must understand is that the 5970 is an extremely powerful card! probably one of the most powerful cards on the market at the moment!

    with powerful GPU's, one has always the problem of potential bottlenecking, I've never owned a Quad core, but still don't think that this should be your problem. But all in all, what makes for great gaming and great FPS rate, there must be good GPU-CPU communication! Overclocking your CPU to 3.2 - 3.3 Ghz might help, but yet, you still have a good CPU!

    because the game is still brand new, I don't think manufactures have designed a coding patch yet (Remember what happened to GTA IV? we all needed the patch becuase the game was coeded straight from the Xbox version, and this was done pathetically)

    try running an independent Benchmark, preferably 3D mark 06'-- main purpose is that I can see what you're scoring and what you SHOULD be scoring!

    remember, the higher the resolution of your gaming, the less you are dependent on your CPU, and thats when your GPU kicks in! what resolution are you playing at, for your card and CPU, I would say nothing less than 1680 x 1050 - 1920 x 1080!!

    anything lower than that, and there's a bottleneck on your CPU, and your GPU can't help because of the low resolution, sounds unfair because your card wants to perform, but can't!

    another thing to ponder about, Your Card offers GDDR5 at incredible speeds, you only have DDR2 ram, this retards your CPU, and thus leading to bottlenecking for your CPU can't perform as much as possible.

    I upgraded my RAM and motherboard for a moment, from DDR2 ram to DDR3 ram @ 1333Mhz, and found that I got higher GPU scores in 3D mark, this is where I substantiate from, and my personal experience should give you something to think about!

    All in All, you have a sound set up, run an independent Benchmark (as I say again - 3D Mark 06 for MY reference)

    just my personal thought!

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