Qx9650 Running Hot.

Hi guys. I recently bought a Qx9650 and had it installed via a Pc shop so I could keep the warranty on my other parts. However after using Core temp to get the temperatures I have found that I have reached 72 degrees on core 1 and about 69 on the others. Is this ok? I am using a Zalman CNPS7000C-Cu. All help appreciated thanks.
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  1. Woah, 72C on your core temps!? What is your actual CPU temp? Can you use any other software like HWMonitor etc to see if these readings are accurate?
  2. 72 C is not bad for load temps. OTOH, the 7000C is, at best, an excessively mediocre cooler.
  3. I don't really know about Intel core temps.. but I assumed 72C was HOT! At 100% load my cores go to around 28C - 34C 0.o

    I do agree about the 700C, it's a good replacement for old stock coolers on P4 or dual core systems but maybe not on a quad like yours.
  4. Hey guys. Would there be a noticeable improvement. If I installed a Zalman CNPS9700LED . If so would it be a big change and enough to keep my cpu in some safer temperatures.
  5. If you are just worried about a bit of temp variation per core on load temps, that's nothing to worry about. Presuming that those are your load temps of course. The 70s would be quite high for idle temps
  6. Right now I am running Prime95 to stress test And after 20 minutes the temps are at:

    The main thing I am worried about is damaging the cpu itself or it screwing up my other parts. How hot can this cpu get without damaging it?

    Edit: CPIUID Harware monitor to read temps and I have a bios alarm set at 70 degrees which is yet to go off.
  7. Fixed for now i think.
  8. I have bought 2 case fans. One at the front blowing cool air in and one at the back sucking hot air out. They arrive tommorow so I am going to run prime 95 for 4 hours and see how hot it gets. Is the max reccomended temp for the cpu 65 degrees or is that max core temp?
  9. Oh cool, I should be good when i get some airflow going then. Thanks. I'll post tommorow some results.
  10. Tommorow after work. In like 30 hourish.
  11. ^ +1 post count! ha.

    Anyway yeah.. looking forward to seeing the difference.

    I noticed a drop of around 5C when installing window fans, and they were only really to cool the GPU. I realised that it's not pushing cold air from outside the case right to the bottom of my CPU cooler, instead of the CPU cooler sucking hot air from the top of my SLI setup.
  12. Mounted a 3800 rpm fan pretty much on top of the cpu. temps down to 56- 58 degrees under 100% load. This has satisfied me. as "critical" temp is 65 so I'm under that. I'm going to call this solved. Was a cheap 26 dollar (Nz) fix.
  13. I don't want to take the cpu off as I didn't install that myself. No my fan is a silverstone Fm82. It sounds like a jet engine at 40 decibels but it keeps my cpu from going over critical so I'm happy. What I meant by (NZ)Fix is that it only cost 26 New Zealand dollars to fix this problem So I was happy.
  14. Thanks. Just running a 4 hour stress test- 2hours left. If it passes that I'm going to stop watching my cpu temp like a hawk.
  15. Haha. Thanks for the help.
  16. ^ +1
    for making me laugh like a hyena !
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