NTLDR is missing after swapping GPU

(Warning: Extreme noob)

Hello guys,

So my 8800GTS just crapped out on me and I bought an HD5850 to replace it.
I swapped them, plugged the 2 6pin pci express cables (it was supposed to be an 8 pin cable and a 6pin but I read 2 6pin cables are enough) and now when I turn the pc on it says "NTLDR is missing".

Any idea on what could have caused it?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok so I solved this issue but another showed up.

    So, the reason I thought my 8800GTS crapped out was because all of a sudden I started seeing hundreds of green dots flashing randomly on the OS, games, movies, everything done on windows. Well, turns out they are still there with the radeon so I'm guessing it's another thing that's damaged, the motherboard seems the most likely culprit.

    I have a M3n78 Pro, what would you advise I get to replace it, not being to expensive and preferably, Asus?

  2. Interesting that the problem still exists, have you removed the old nvidia driver and did run driver sweeper. Before you get a new board try that. (Or make another windows partition thats clean and boot from that). Have you tried switching monitors?

    When you take a screenshot of the problem do the green dots shot in the screen shot?
  3. Yes they show on the screen shot. there's no reason to be the monitor since in bios there's no green dots so im guessing it has nothing to do with it. I changed Tower and psu last thursday and the GPU crapped out on me Saturday so im betting both are connected, either by human error or something else.

    I removed nvidia's driver and it's still the same.

    For the money I get from sending the GPU back i was considering this:




    what do you think?
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