Sapphire 5770 only can't go further than 8x MSAA

Hi guys. Yesterday I finally got my 5770. Everything runs f****ing awesome but There's one thing that keeps bothering me. I can't go further than 8x MSAA in my games. Here's the software information:

And here's a capture of how it looks:

According to ATI and the card's box i can go up to 24x AA...I remember I could go up to 16xCSAA with my 8800GTS 640mb (RIP) Could someone tell me what is causing this or how can I fix it? I'm using Catalyst 10.7

TY guys.
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  1. i dont think tf2 supports anything higher than 8x
  2. In game options and the cards own driver options are two very different things.
    Open up your CCC and use the drop down menu to select 3D. here you have a host of AA/AAA/AF etc options. Note the little tick boxes for enabling AAA, Use custom settings and use application settings. If you go to the All tab you can scroll down them all on the same page.
    So you want to un tick the use application settings and tick the use custom settings boxes and enable which ever mix of AA/AF you want to use.
    This will work for some games but not others. Its what is referred to as forcing AA through the drivers. There is usually a performance hit for doing this though, again dependant on the game as to how much exactly. cant hurt to try though.

    Mactronix :)
  3. O.O.

    Then why was I able to cranck it to the top with the 8800GTS??? I don't understand...
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    Which was how much? I don't think I've ever seen a game natively support higher than 8xMSAA.

    Edit: read OP again... CSAA is an Nvidia thing... anyway I found this

    8xMSAA will take one colour sample and will store 8 values, and has a sample coverage of 8 (hence the 8x).
    16x CSAA will take one colour sample, store 4 values and has a sample coverage of 16.
    16xQ CSAA will take one colour sample, store 8 values and has a sample coverage of 16.
  5. Oh ok... anyway I found an option to force SSAA. I'll use that one... Thanks guys.
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