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EVGA GeForce GTX 480 SC/+ (1482/1485) question

I have a question regarding the 1482/1485 models of the eVGA GeForce GTX 480 SC/+. Unfortunately, the day before I ordered my new PC parts, all the SC+ (1485) models sold out at all online vendors I go thru(newegg/tigerdirect/evga), with no local stores having any in stock either. So in fear that the normal 480 SC would sell out, I went ahead and ordered my PC parts with that version. The difference between the two is that the SC+ or 1485 model has 1MHz faster Core/Shader clock as well as a high-flow bracket & backplate. I have two questions regarding this.. and here is a link to both of them... 1482 SC @ Newegg 1485 SC+ @ Newegg 1485 SC+ @ eVGA homepage

1. I have read that I can buy (or even get for free) the high-flow bracket & backplate for the 1482 model I ordered, and I assume manually overclock the Core/Shader clock 1 MHz so that it reflects the same exact specs as the 1485 model. So in theory, after adding the mods/OC, I would basically have the 1485, right? The 1485 was $10 more and I really wish it would have been in stock, but it just simply was not :(.

2. In regards to running SLI, which I plan to do in a few months(or next time it's in stock), is it safe to assume that I could simply order the 1485 model to match up with my altered 1482? Or would I have to go thru the same process and order another 1482 and mod it again so that it's the same exact card?

Its kinda lame to me how they released these, but I love eVGA and I guess it is what it is :). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    As for your first question, a stock 480 can overclock to the SC speeds, no reason to spend the extra money on either factory overclocks, at all..... You could also mod the backplate with a dremel to get better than the High-Flow version.......

    As for the second question, the highclocked card will be downclocked to match the lower clock card, but yes you can use them together.
  2. The highflow bracket is a free upgrade from EVGA. The Backplate is $20 bucks.

    Easy to SLI them together.
  3. Thanks for the quick answers guys. Helltech do you have any further information on using a dremel on the backplate, maybe some pictures? I thought that the only 480 that came w/ a backplate was the 1485, as the high-flow bracket/backplate you order for the 470/480 screws right on to the card.
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