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I just got my new Phenom II X6 1090t with Noctua NH-C12P SE14 cooler. My question is should I be worried that the Core vid fluctuates alot when on load? For example when playing Arma2 HWmonitor claimed that the core vid hit 1.67. Thou Amd overdrive claimed that it stayed at 1.35.

I have not OC'd the cpu. Specs are MSI 790gx-g65, Corsair 650tx, Club3d GTX580 and 12gigs of memory.
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  1. CPU voltage should not increase beyond the specified maximum unless you change it, hence I think the HWmonitor reading is bogus in this case.
  2. Good to hear that! I'm kinda noob in this field and was really scared when it jumped up that much.

    In bios the reading is somewhere 1.35-1.38, I guess that's the most accurate reading? I've also tried to lock the voltage to 1.35, but my Bios doesn't allow me to do that. The setting is set to Auto and I can't change that.

    Cpu temps are somewhere between 20-25c on idle and on load they go up to ~50c. Are those temps okay?

    Thanks for help!
  3. Perfect, nothing to worry about. 50C under load is very acceptable.
  4. What does it say in CPU-Z. As Heer_Koos has already said.. this is probably a bad reading. I've had a couple issues with reading my 1090T speeds which seem to fluctuate in Everest Ultimate. In game they jump around, but normally lower than my 4.0GHz overclock. In CPU-Z and all other programs it stays rock solid at 4.0GHz. Some programs just have trouble reading certain CPUs, and remember that some software came out before the X6 might not find all temps or voltages correctly..
  5. If I remember correctly CPU-Z readings were somewhat same as in AMD overdrive.

    Could the mobo OC the cpu by itself?

    I'll monitor the readings when I get back to home and post them here. Thanks again for help! Really appreciate it.
  6. Make sure your BIOS settings for Cool 'n' Quiet, C1E and any other "auto" settings are all disabled.
  7. Why switch off Cool n Quiet? It does much more good on than off.
  8. Just for now while we're testing to see why it's fluctuating..
  9. I turned everything off that I could, some options like CPU VID I couldn't touch. I didn't touch FSB ratios etc. 'cos didn't know which settings to choose. I run Arma2 benchmark which is quiet heavy and the volts stayed below 1.40 according to HWmonitor and CPU-Z, in Overdrive they were steadily at 1.35. Temps were too quite low too at 35c top. I do think that there were some performance drop or I might be just imaging things...

    Here's some screenshots while the benchmark was running:

    Oddly HWmonitor claims that my processor wat reading is 141.60w, I thought that it should be 125w. Something wrong there?
  10. I restarted my computer and hit bios. In bios I loaded up the optimized settings and pressed save settings and restart. After I did that, my comp shutdown completely for a few seconds. My heart almost shutdown too! Well it did boot to windows normally after that. But now the voltages are again fluctuating on load. While making a backup they hitted 1.52 in HWmonitor and in CPU-Z, in Overdrive 1.47 max.

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