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How about an hd 5670?

i have a max of 1440x900 res. monitor.
want to run every game on max settings.....
so is a 5670 enough for me ?
or can you suggest a better bang for buck card?
my system:
c2duo e4500 2.2ghz(i can oc)
2gb ram
a low quality 550watt psu....
1 seagate barracuda 250gb hdd
1 case fan
now after overclocking cpu,if i need a good psu then any suggestions will be appreciated
also will my cpu bottleneck my card?
or will my ram bottleneck it?????
any other suggestions are most welcome.
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    Well, it depend on the games itself...
    For your (low) resolution, you will need a FAST CPU better than GPU, so HD5670 is already good enough for your resolution.
    You MUST OC your CPU a little high (3Ghz if your can) so you can play any games recently with decent setting. :)

    About RAM, what OS do you use? XP? Win7? 32bit? 64bit?
    If you use Win7 64 bit then add another 2GB of RAM (2+2 GB), that should help a little bit.
    But for now OC your CPU first...
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