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Upgrading Hardware, will w7 work from old HDD

Hey guys, I'm not 100% sure I'm in the right section of the forums. So if I am not I'm sorry.

Anyway; I bought a Asus desktop from bestbuy last spring because I was short on Cash. I have been upgrading it over the last few months. I now want to upgrade my CPU to play BF3. I currently have a AMDx2 220 2.8ghz regnor. Which is what is holding me back. I want to upgrade to a i5. So buying a new mobo/cpu combo on newegg. My question is, my copy of windows 7 that i got with my PC didn't come with a disk. Do I have to buy another copy of windows, or can i just hook my Hard drive up and be fine?
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  1. It is like building whole new PC : )

    BTW, for new parts, check on the, they have some mobo's cheaper than Newegg.

    It would maybe work if your mobo and/or CPU would die due to some electric issue, than MS would let u activate again over the phone.

    This is your option
  2. If you change the motherboard, chances are very high your Windows setup will have issues. It may boot, but will ask you for drivers for your hardware.

    You also did not post how much RAM or what video card you have, those can affect performance in games as much as the CPU.
  3. This is the PC I bought in March.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=711&bih=748&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=3700629607128224835&sa=X&ei=F4HBTuJ_6OLZBbuxhZUF&sqi=2&ved=0CDwQ8wIwAQ

    I upgraded to a 800w PSU, and a ATI 5770HD vid card.

    Current specs are;
    AMD Athlon 2 x2 220 regnor @ 2.8ghz (stock)
    4gb DDR3 (3.75GB usable) (stock)
    800w Rocketfish PSU - upgraded
    ATI Radeon 5770HD - upgraded
    1 TB Sata (stock)

    I can play BF3 on medium settings with 30ish FPS.

    My question is, my Motherboard/cpu is AM3 socket. Should I just upgrade the CPU? and if so which CPU? I just want a better gaming PC.

    Any information would help. I would rather upgrade the CPU instead of having to buy a new mobo, case, and cpu plus buying another copy of W7.

    Also will any AM3 socket AMD CPU work with my motherboard? Remember its stock. I assume its a asus mobo since Asus made the PC. But I can't find any information on which model the mobo is.
  4. You may want to contact ASUS or check their web site for your model to see what CPU options they have. Basically, if they offer a faster CPU, you'll be able to upgrade to at least that model. But this may be a BestBuy only PC which means ASUS may not have much info on it.

    Run CPU-Z on the computer, you should get some detailed info about the motherboard which will help you find which CPU you can go to.
  5. I called Asus, after a bit of them dicking me around on the phone (terrible tech support) and over an hour of them asking me information about my PC. I got this out of them;

    Mobo Serial number: m4a78Lt-m

    it supports AM3 @ NM45 and Up to 125 watts.

    anyone able to help me with what that means?

    Also what do you recommend me to do.

    option A: buy new mobo,case,cpu, w7 oem

    option B: buy a AM3 socket CPU and hope my mobo and bios allow it. Also hope that my windows 7 works with the new hardware.

    I would rather do option B and save some money if it will work. Also what specs do you recommend for a CPU to have to run BF3 without much FPS problems.

    I was looking at buying the i5 2500k sandy bridge 3.3ghz option A. I hear its one of the top CPUs for that price range.
  6. ok I did some research and found this

    So I assume its safe to buy a AM3 Socket cpu. Anyone have any suggestions which one would work the best for gaming?

    I guess I can look them up on newegg and see which have the best reviews.
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    I'd pick B. That info does not give up a lot of details, looks to be every AMD CPU is supported, except a few that go to 140w. Overall the Intel chips are better, but you'd need to swap out more than just the CPU, and will have to probably re-isntall Windows. Just a CPU swap should be plug and play.

    Look here for some options, and you can check prices online of-course
  8. Thank you very much for all your help. I'll stop bothering you soon. I promise. I'm thinking I'm going to either get the Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition or Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition. The second one is only $20 more. Would it be worth it lol? Also Worried about power and stock heatsink. My current cpu runs really cool with the stock fans/heatsink.

    But then again its only a x2 220 regnor 2.8ghz.

    The power list says I can do up to 125 watts on my mobo. So just making sure, and sounding like a total noob but can i get this 125w CPU?
  9. According to them, that CPU will work, and it will be very hard to see any difference between the two CPUs, the 1090 will be just fine, you can spend the $20 on a new heatsink if you want. If you buy a retail version of the CPU, it should come with a heatsink. Power supply you have will run this just fine.

    You may want to check for any BIOS updates before you get it, and maybe read the BIOS notes as they often include supported CPUs. Usually they would say "version 5.44 added support for cpu1, cpu2, cpu3," or something similar.
  10. Ok thanks much. I was looking at the asus mobo page for mine, and I see they have the updates for each cpu for the bios. Question; do i upgrade the bios before I install the new cpu?
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