Is motherboard toast? Need help diagnosing issues

I built this desktop 4 years ago, and I'm afraid the Motherboard may on it's way out. I sure would appreciate some help diagnosing this.

ASUS P5P800-SE, Pentium 4 3.20 GHz, 3GB RAM (yes, 3), ATI Radeon 7500 video card, 2 ATA HDs, 1 SATA HD, 2 DVD drives, and a 6-month old Thermaltake TR2-430 Power supply.
Home Network: Cable Modem, Wireless Router/Cable Modem Motorola SBG-6580 (3 laptops on house connecting via wireless, 1TB Network drive connected via Ethernet, Vonage VOIP box connected via Ethernet, this PC connected via Ethernet).
Using the on-board sound and 1G Ethernet connection.
Microsoft Windows XP-Pro

For several months, my internet connection has been annoying. At startup first thing in the morning (total power down every night), Google Chrome tries to open all the tabs I had open when I shut it down (upwards of 10), but only about 1/2 actually load. Eventually, I can get all of them to reload but it takes a while. Not critical, just annoying.

Yesterday, the Ethernet connection seemed to just stop. The lights weren't on, so I changed Ehternet cable (E-cable). No lights, so plugged E-cable into spare PC. Works fine, so E-cable is fine.

Plugged USB to LAN adapter, and I'm back up and running albeit at a 100MB pace (ASUS MB has a 1GB Ethernet connection).

Anyway, this morning, blue screen of death. Neglected to write down the error message, but rebooted, and all seems well again.

Still having issues with Google Chrome reloading tabs, but I have been able to get most reloaded.

Can someone help me diagnose if this is the motherboard on the way out (Ethernet lights still not coming on when I try to connect cable to it) or if this is another hardware/software issue.

I'm not a complete Noob, but I don't know where to start. Be gentle with me please.
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  1. I'm pretty sure the on-board 1G Ethernet is dead, but the Windows Hardware Manager says it's fine. Ideas to try?
  2. Blue screen of death again today. Any ideas on how to determine whether this is a dying Mobo or a need to reinstall windows?
  3. error message had to do with the Belkin USB to LAN adapter I've got plugged in. May not have anything to do with my original problem.
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