Dell e521 upgrade AMD64 1.9 to 2.6Ghz - CPU temp reading wrong

Ive been using 2 Dell e521's with AMDx2 processors for a pair of servers for my home business 3 years. I just upgrade to AMD 2.6Ghz used processors pulled from Dell e521s.

The 2.6 Ghz processors seem to have a temperature reading problem. Under the slightest load the fan goes to full rpm and the system shuts down. My Exchange server idles at about 30% cpu and just sitting there the fan slowly speeds up to max after a few minutes. It then shuts down if you do anything, like copy a bunch of files or run backup.

Running the utility "CoreTemp 64" to read the temp, the processor starts at 30 C and rises to 120 C. immediately with the slightest load and then shuts down. So I removed the processor from the computer within 60 seconds of a thermal shutdown and the processor is actually cool to the touch. the screaming fan keeps it very cool (feels like room temperature) but it thinks it hot.

The computers already have bios 1.1.111 which seems to be the latest for e521. (Dells download site lists 1.1.04 as the latest, but it has an earlier release date than 1.1.111) (Dell is also messed up on the version number of 1.1.04, it calls it 1.1.4 on the site but when you download it it calls itself 1.1.04 - and is several months older than 1.1.111)

Anyway, I thought maybe I messed up on the heat sink compound or heatsink install. But the processor itself is cool to the touch 60 seconds after after a thermal shutdown. Pulling the heatsink and processor to check temperature also confirmed that the processor is well 'connected' with compound to the heat sink.

I can't think of anything to change. Its not a cooling or heatsink problem, its a temp reading problem.
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  1. Coretemp 64 may not be accurate with the dell board. It's a common problem. I use regular coretemp sometimes, or simply use the cpu shutdown temp in the bios; I set this reading at 70c and don't monitor my current cpu.
  2. Never Mind

    It was thermal compound problem afterall. I guess a well cooled heatsink can drain all the heat off a processor in the few seconds it takes to remove the processor even though the compound wasn't applied well enough to keep the processor from over-heating. As mentioned in the first post, the system would shut down because the processor would over heat, but then it was cool to the touch when removed 1 minute later.
  3. Thanks for the Kit Info. So far the two units are working fine with careful use of Artic MX-3 compound. I have run SuperPI to load it 100% for 30 minutes and everything stays cool and the fans are at idle.
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