Power Problem , Low Fan Speeds , etc. HELP

Hello, I have a problem with a newly built PC. Firstly my power supply is a TX650.

- When I first turned on the computer and went into bios to change boot from settings, the PC randomly shut off. At first I thought I pressed something that made it shut off.

- Booted again and went back into bios and successfully changed boot to DVD ROM and saved&quit, no problems. At this point that is when I thought I must have pressed something that made it shut down.

- Everything worked fine for 2 days... no problems... shut down and reboots fine.

- The third day I shut down my PC and went to sleep, the next morning the PC would not turn on. I had to toggle the switch off&on on the PSU before it would turn on. I then went into BIOS and noticed my CPU FAN , SYS1FAN , SYS2FAN were all spinning at very LOW RPM's ( 800 - 1200RPM's ). Processor also started to get really heated up to 92C. At this point I immediately shut down the PC.

- After about 5mins, I booted again and went back into BIOS and the CPU FAN, SYS1FAN , SYS2FAN were spinning at regular RPM's again up to 4500RPM. processor temperature went back down to 45C and stayed..

- Continued onto booting into windows, when the login screen popped my USB keyboard did not have any power to it. I had to unplug and replug before it would work. ( it was working fine when checking BIOS ).

- - - The problem is still repeating, I have no idea what is causing this. Everything is STOCK not OC'd. PC was built 5 days ago.

It has corsair H60 liquid cooling in case were wondering how temp got hot so fast. the pump is plugged into "CPUFAN" slot , radiator fan is plugged into one of the sysfan slot.
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  1. My first thought is that you have a bad motherboard. If it's still under warranty, replace it.
  2. try to replace your PSU,,,hope it works...
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