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Question and Need Help on a Build

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October 20, 2010 8:24:10 PM

I am planning on ordering some parts to build a new pc for under 1300-1500. Im starting from scratch and am not sure what sites are best for large orders and decent prices. What kind of heat sinks should i use since i am primarily worried about the entire thing overheating. Should I overclock my new computer right away as I will look more into parts that allow for oc if oc would be better. Or should I only oc later on. In both cases, what are reliable companies for each part (ie, heatsink, fans, ram, cases, dvd/cd drives,motherboard, and anything else)
Well, some gaming; mostly mmorpgs ex wow and battleforge; will not be a strictly gaming though some part time web browse, email, watch videos dvd (not blue-ray) and of course youtube while multitasking (i will most likely have dual monitors about 17-20in),not video editing though; some computer programming, listen to music(stored on external hard drive); i mostly want it to run fast and crisp for games and videos though
have mouse and keyboard
i have an external harddrive can i use this also instead of an internal one(or will this hurt preformance)
im thinking about going two monitors
im not sure if i should go with one good graphics card or two
(is there a way to switch the two cards from sli or cf so they work on one computer when gamming and back individually to each monitor when not)
i think i want an i7950 but maybe would go to an AMD
i have an nearby microcenter
are six cores really worth it or not should i stick with 4

Everyone does not have to answer all of the questions; any help is appreciated whether it is with the build or just the other questions

ps I love to learn any insight is appreciated

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October 20, 2010 8:34:52 PM

also quick question should i wait to Nehalem or Westmere comes out since I wont be getting it for at least a month

Best solution

October 21, 2010 7:28:48 AM

Ok let me start at the top

1. Maybe Fill out the Build Advice form in my signature
2. If you're in the US, is one of the best
3. If you're careful you shouldn't have any overheating, but for overclocking it's best to ditch the stock cooler for one like the Hyper 212+ or Thermaltake Frio
4. I always recommend a moderate overclock
5. You don't want to use an external HDD as a boot drive
6. Start with one GPU and leave room for adding a second later
7. You shouldn't need 6 cores IMO
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October 21, 2010 6:31:32 PM

emx61193 said:
also quick question should i wait to Nehalem or Westmere comes out since I wont be getting it for at least a month

Nehalem and Westmere have been out for a very long time now. I think you are refering to Sandy Bridge which will be released later.
October 21, 2010 9:23:03 PM

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