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I just bought a new AMD build PC and I want to do some cable management. However, I'm a bit worried that I will be doing something wrong since it's OS is already installed and have few important files already stored that I don't want to lose.

What I want to ask (or clear) is, if I remove every cables I can find inside my rig, will anything get corrupted? Or maybe parts will get damaged? I'm having a hard time finding a cable management guide that can answer those questions since most of them are doing the cables before installing the OS.

I asked some friends and they're not giving me the same answer. It just makes me get confused more. Hope someone can clear this up. Thanks!

*Not sure if I posted it in the right section, but I hope I did.
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    As long as the power is completely turned off and you take proper grounding precautions to avoid static discharge I can't see there being any problems if you're just removing and re-installing the same parts.

    TJHarlow on Youtube has some very good video tutorials on cable management, they're definitely worth checking out:
  2. Just unplug and drain board by pressing power button a few times.

    Give yourself room to work with good lighting.

    Take your time, be carefull and don't force anything and you should be fine.
  3. I take my rig to pieces about every six weeks to clean it out,
    as above, power off, touch bare case metal regularly, no licking your hard drives and you'll be fine :P
  4. Thanks everyone! That just wanna make sure before I remove every wires inside. I will avoid licking them from now on. :)
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