Mobo disc wont boot

I just got some parts to build a computer and ive set it all up everything is working as far as i can see apart from 1 thing my mobo disc wont boot. its an MSI 870-c45 i turn my computer on and i get this mess.

" Booting MSi Wink, Please wait..isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry...
Boot failed press a key to retry..."

pressing a key does nothing i believe thats because my keyboard is usb and i dont think usb keyboards work without enabling it in the bios but i cant get into bios anyway as the CD fails to boot.
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  1. Why are you booting from the mb driver disc? Usually those things don't even boot.
    Motherboards these days come with USB keyboard and mouse turned on, so it should work unless you got one that has been turned off. I always keep a PS2 keyboard around for these situations.

    Back in the day there were pins on the CPU that linked directly to your keyboard via the PS2 port. I'm not sure if it's still true today, but I only had to bring out my PS2 keyboard once when my Razer Lycosa keyboard crapped out on me.
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