Will i5-650 and P55 bottleneck 2 460GTX SLI config?

I'm trying to build a custom gaming rig on the cheap. I know video card is the most important part of the equation, I'm curious if I have an i5-650 cpu and a p55 motherboard, which only runs the two sli ports at 8x, will I see a tremendous decrease in the performance of 2 GTX 460's running in SLI. I've seen stuff on here about building a balanced PC and avoiding a bottleneck, I feel like the x58 is more than I need for a gaming machine. I don't think hyperthreading or four cores are that significant or would be used all that much.

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  2. That's an okay...
  3. Yes its OK,that board supports SLI at dual x8 mode which is as fast as dual x16 in almost all games(unless you play at a resolution like 2560x1600 which you may see a 4% difference).
    As for CPU,well its fine and won't bottleneck your cards unless you play at low resolutions(like 1280x1024)
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