SLI and memory utilization? 16GB

I am picking out parts for a new build and I can't decide if going to 16GB is worth it. I have read the coveted Sandy Bridge memory write up; But, I cannot find any articles relating to memory usage and sli on the Sandy Bridge architecture.

Wouldn't it make sense that a SLI setup would take advantage of 16GB (4x4) configuration more so than a single card due to the SB internal memory controller configuration ? One thing I did note in tests is that the newer games have became more memory intensive and I can speculate that will continue to grow.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone run any solid tests?
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  2. I do not think 16GB is worth it for gaming. I have an SLI setup and my games (Crysis, SCII, Deus Ex: HR, Borderlands) don't even utilize half of my 8GB. IMO, buy 2x4GB of RAM and upgrade in the future if necessary. 8GB is plenty. 6 is probably "enough" but 6GB configurations don't usually make sense...
  3. ha. i already bit the bullet and ordered. thought I would run some tests with sli with 8gb and 16 gb while I'm building and post some numbers. just so the next joe doesn't have to spend money where not needed.
  4. Whoops! Well, congrats on the new build. Have fun!
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