Hi guys, my current PC runs with an AMD Athlon x2 4400+ @ 2.3GHZ

I recently purchased an AMD Athlon X2 7550 @ 2.5GHZ , for some reason this is incompatible with my computer, as when i switch it on the fans just go into overcharge and does not start up. Does anyone know the reason for this?


Amd Athlon x2 2.3GHZ
2gb ddr2 @ 667MHZ
160Gb HD
Gainward GT220 1gb ddr3
Windows XP Pro SP3
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  1. Did you check compatibility before buying?

    Have you tried re-setting your bios before powering up.
  2. I would try resetting the bios, but i've got no idea how i would go about doing that, if you could describe how i'd give that a go...

    It should work, its an AM2 motherboard, which is compatible with AM2+ cpus, which the new cpu is.
  3. Yes but it would help if it was on the support list for sure.

    Download the manual for your system and find bios reset.

    It may be that you need a bios update to support that particular cpu.
  4. I've updated the bios, i'm having trouble finding the manual, the computer is a HP DX2250, ive had trouble finding much info on this, if you can find more that would be a huge help.
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